xHONO to HONO conversion can only happen depending on the availability of xHONO pool.

Users can convert one xHONO token one HONO (ratio 1:1). To claim your HONO tokens; please note that there's also a fee of 2.5% in ETH on top of conversion based on backing price.

  • ie. user wants to convert 1 xHONO to HONO. Backing price is $10, that means 1 HONO = $10. To convert 1 xHONO, user needs to pay a fee of $0.25 = 2.5% X $10

  • This 2.5% fees go to the revenue contract

What's the xHONO Conversion Pool?

Part of the revenue generated will be used to mint HONO and be deposited into the xHONO conversion pool.

xHONO holders can convert xHONO to HONO at a 1:1 ratio whenever HONO is available in this pool


  • This pool has a maximum cap of 500k HONO

  • Any claim will incur 2.5% fees in ETH based on backing price

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