MangaFi on Ethereum
Version 1.0
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What is HONO?

Introducing HONO
HONO is an algorithmic rebase token fully backed by yield-bearing assets.
The supply of HONO can be managed by the protocol minting and redeeming as a part of the Comprehensive Harmonizer for Arbitrage Kinetics and Revenue Accumulation (CHAKRA).
HONO is expected to appreciate in value at an average rate of 8–25% annually, regardless of market conditions.
Note: Over time, the rate of price appreciation is expected to decelerate due to the increasing number of tokens being minted.

What is HONO used for?

HONO is a rebase token for building up fan assets and supporting manga related initiatives.

Moving Fan coins in tandem with a Rebase token

HONO is designed as a Rebase token encompassing incentives and an ever-growing price structure to attract new funds.
This Rebase token will act as a reserve currency backed by a basket of assets where supply growth is tightly controlled to ensure its purchasing power regardless of market volatility.


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