Burn $MANGA to get xHONO

Convert $MANGA to xHONO:

Users can obtain xHONO tokens by converting their Manga Tokens. Manga Token holders have the option to swap their $MANGA for xHONO tokens. The specific details and steps of this conversion process may vary depending on the platform where this conversion takes place. However, the maximum amount of xHONO tokens that can be obtained through this conversion is capped at 111,922.7812265075 xHONO.

NOTE: $MANGA will be burned upon conversion.

$MANGA to xHONO conversion formula

x = Amount of $MANGA to be converted to xHONO

A = Initial amount of $MANGA already burned at the start of the MangaFi launch

B = Initial price of xHONO in $MANGA

Translating the formula into layman context

Early participants will require less $MANGA to convert to xHONO while later participants will require more $MANGA to obtain xHONOs. The conversion rate of xHONO against $MANGA will increase as more $MANGA gets burned through conversion.

Effects of monthly $MANGA burn on xHONO price

The conversion rate of xHONO against $MANGA is affected by the amount of $MANGA burned, in the scenario that nobody converts the conversion rate of xHONO against $MANGA will still continue to go up as the monthly burn proceeds.

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