What are Fan Coins?

Accelerant assets

Fan Coin are accelerant assets!

  • They accelerate the growth of HONO's value

  • They also grow in value at an accelerated rate

Fan coins are rebased tokens backed by HONO. This means that the value of fan coins will grow in multipliers of HONO growth rate as more HONO goes into backing the fan coins.

What do you get out of fan coins?

  • Ever-growing value of at least 8 to 25% per annum

  • Share of real yield revenue resources

  • Participation in fan coin-driven activities

Fan coins will earn Real Yield Revenue in HONO from

  • Fan coin arbitrage

  • Uniswap V3 trading fees of protocol-owned liquidity

  • Uniswap V3 fees from pairs on liquidity engine

How does fan coin accelerate HONO's growth?

Part of the revenue in HONO will be burned to reduce the circulating supply and reset the backing rate of HONO hence leading to an increase in the backing per HONO.

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