Asset backed currencies supporting the manga industry

What is MangaFi?

MangaFi is a DeFi protocol that grows the value of its collection of DeFi fan coin assets and generates real yield for its users.

The core of MangaFi is a yield-bearing & fully-backed reserved currency called HONO. HONO is backed by an ETH vault that grows by accumulating revenue from real yield-generating resources.

MangaFi's core focus:

MangaFi has two main focuses: Yield-Bearing Use Cases and Revenue-Generating Sources

  • MangaFi’s first product will be HONO, the first yield-bearing, fully-backed rebase token

  • MangaFi's second product will be MangaFi Yield Generator, a powerful farming tool to generate amazing yield back to MangaFi investors

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