HONO's Use Case

In more detail, the general purposes of HONO are:

1. Loans for any fan coin setup

The Rebase token will be used to provide loans for establishing and developing fan coins. This means that projects or individuals seeking to create or enhance their fan coins will be able to borrow Rebase tokens (HONO) to fund their initiatives. This allows for the growth and expansion of the fan coin ecosystem.

2. Liquidity pairing for fan coins

The Rebase token will serve as a liquidity pair for fan coins. Liquidity pairing refers to the process of creating trading pairs between different cryptocurrencies or tokens to facilitate liquidity and ease of trading. Using the Rebase token as a liquidity pair will enhance the tradability and accessibility of fan coins, making them more liquid in the market.

3. Backing of any newly created assets, including fan coins

The Rebase token will also be a backing mechanism for newly created assets, including fan coins. The value and credibility of these new assets will be supported by utilising the Rebase token (HONO) as a backing asset. This provides a stable foundation for the fan coins, increasing their appeal and potentially attracting more investors and users.

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